Kim Kardashian Pounds: Kim Kardashian Loses 50 Pounds, Gets Body Back

Miley Cyrus wants breast implants

“Kim feels confident again. She worked really hard and is so motivated to stay fit,” a source told Us Weekly. Kim worked out frequently (running and squats were two of the main components of her workouts) and also found a lot of success doing the Atkins diet. Kim Kardashian kissed 50 pounds goodbye over five months and it wasn’t easy — but she’s happy that she did it the right way. She recently slammed reports that she had surgery to help lose the weight and she has said that she’s proud of herself — which she should be — just as every mom who loses baby weight should be.

Kim Kardashian Shows Off Bikini Body on Magazine Cover – Video

The 33-year-old reality star said the picture was a “big middle finger to the world” for calling her fat when she was pregnant with her daughter. Us Weekly’s article is titled “My Body is Back! No Gimmicks, No Surgery!” and it showcases how “Kim slams the fat bullies and gets her sweet revenge” in addition to sharing the details behind her wight loss. “Kim feels confident again,” a source close to Kanye West ‘s fiancee told Us Weekly. “She worked really hard and is so motivated to stay fit.” Fellow celebrity mom Britney Spears supported Kardashian’s claim that she was fat shamed during her pregnancy and spoke up for the first-time mom during an interview for the January 2014 issue of In Style magazine.

Kim Kardashian Reacts to New Beach Body Mag Cover

This is Kims official big weight loss reveal. However, speaking with Yahoo! at The Hollywood Reporters 22nd annual Women in Entertainment breakfast, Kim claims that she did not pose for the picture and that it actually caught her by surprise to see herself on the cover. It seems hard to believe, especially since this particular glossy always gets this type of exclusives from Kim, but the reality star insists the photo op had not been previously arranged.

Kim Kardashian shows off post-baby body in tiny bikini

Insider’s” Thea Andrews caught up with the reality star Wednesday morning at The Hollywood Reporters 22nd annual Women in Entertainment breakfast presented by Lifetime, where proving that she’s her own harshest critic she revealed that seeing that picture only made her want to work harder in the gym. “I don’t know if I really love that shot,” Kim confessed. “You worked really hard for it though, and you’re being recognized for it,” Thea replied. “I’m so critical of myself, so I look at it [and] I’m like, ‘Alright I have to get back in the gym, don’t slack for the holidays,’ after seeing that,” noted the 33-year-old beauty.


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